A taste of home

New England

We had the most incredible trip to New England. I think we are ready to move tomorrow...though Adam's work might disagree, I am so ready!

Go Sox!

Taking a stroll in Harvard Square

The view from the home in Newburyport where we stayed for a night.

I was thrilled to find a farmer's market in the middle of the city, it reminds me of home...

Meeting up with my very favorite travel partners, the crew I traveled Europe with!

Night out in Davis Square with Lee and Char.

Angela and Katherine, there is a reason I am smiling so big!

On the plane!


Here are some wedding photos, finally! We have over three thousand to go through, but here are some of our faves...

Man of honor, bride, groom, best man

Diamonds and Christain Louboutins.

First dance was to Etta James' At Last

Beautiful memories under crystal chandeliers


Exchanging letters instead of vows in
honor of our long distance relationship.

vintage simplicity at it's best, a trusty Moleskin :)

Dancing in the market before the ceremony,
this man was incredible.

On top of the Inn at the Market

Damn those blue eyes...